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August 8th, 2011
02:48 PM ET

Hate Crime? Mississippi killing caught on video

On June 26th, a group of 7 white teens left an all night party in the white middle class enclave of Rankin County, Mississippi in search of a black person, to "mess with," according to the local District Attorney.

Eighteen-year-old Deryl Dedmon faces charges of leading that group of white teenage revelers on a mission: to find and beat up someone who's black.

Calls to Dedmon's attorney have gone unanswered. During a bond hearing that attorney told the court he saw nothing to back up the "racial allegations."

The teens drove to a predominantly black section of Jackson, where they found an unsuspecting 49-year-old African American auto worker named James Craig Anderson.

According to witness statements, at first James Craig Anderson was beaten, and taunted with racial slurs.

But what happens next – as seen in this surveillance video – is shocking.
CNN’s Drew Griffin reports.

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