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October 28th, 2011
03:55 PM ET

The Mountaintop

A controversial new play on Broadway called “The Mountaintop” takes a look at the last night of Dr. Martin Luther King’s life.

In the play, Dr. King is portrayed as a very human man, smoking, drinking, cursing, even flirting. Many are buzzing about the playwright who chose to portray the civil rights icon in such a way.

30-year-old Katori Hall is that playwright and in this weekend’s CNN presents Soledad O’Brien travels to Memphis with the playwright and for the first time ever, cameras are allowed inside the room where Dr. King spent the last hours of his life.

“The Mountaintop” is one of four stories in one compelling hour of television this Sunday on CNN Presents at 8:00 pm ET, re-airing at 11:00 pm ET and 2:00 am ET.

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CNN Presents: Four stories. One great hour.
October 21st, 2011
04:28 PM ET

CNN Presents: Four stories. One great hour.

Exclusive photos of CNN’s Soledad O’Brien and Dr. Sanjay Gupta during the taping of CNN Presents in Atlanta, Georgia.

Four riveting stories this week – from the merchandise branding of legendary rockers KISS to a shocking alleged hate crime in Mississippi. Revealing investigations. Fascinating characters. Stories with impact.

It’s an hour of television you will be talking about.

CNN Presents airs this Sunday, October 23 at 8:00 pm ET and re-airs at 11:00 pm ET and 2:00 am ET.

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Obama honors MLK at memorial dedication
October 17th, 2011
03:49 PM ET

Obama honors MLK at memorial dedication

The Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial was officially dedicated Sunday in Washington.

"Nearly 50 years after the March on Washington, our work - Dr. King's work - is not yet complete," President Barack Obama said at the dedication ceremony.

The monument to the slain civil rights leader was due to have been dedicated on August 28, the anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington when King delivered his world-altering "I Have a Dream" speech, but Hurricane Irene forced the event to be postponed.

The memorial site, which features a striking 30-foot statue of King gazing out on the iconic Tidal Basin, lies between the Lincoln Memorial and the Thomas Jefferson Memorial on the National Mall. The statue, representing a "Stone of Hope," sits forward from a "Mountain of Despair."

Visitors pass through the mountain on their way to King's statue and an expanse along the basin rimmed with an inscription wall covered with stone carvings of some of his most famous quotes. The four-acre area will also feature the iconic cherry blossom trees that draw thousands of tourists to the Mall each spring.

Other speakers at the dedication included the Rev. Al Sharpton; the Rev. Joseph Lowery; actresses Cicely Tyson, Diahann Carroll and 12-year-old Amandla Stenberg; and Marian Wright Edelman, founder and president of the Children's Defense Fund.

Photographs touched the nation’s conscience during the struggle for civil rights. On the eve of the dedication to the Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial, Jesse Jackson, Juanita Abernathy, Joseph Lowery and others share memories and photos of the civil rights pioneer, a man they knew as a friend.

“Memories of an icon”  highlights six close friends of Dr. King as they use photographs to share their fondest memories of the late icon.

CNN's Soledad O'Brien reports on the life and legacy of  Martin Luther King Jr.

"The Mountaintop" makes Broadway premiere
Soledad O’Brien interviews Katori Hall at the National Museum of Civil Rights,
October 14th, 2011
06:39 PM ET

"The Mountaintop" makes Broadway premiere

"The Mountaintop" starring Samuel L. Jackson and Angela Bassett made its anticipated Broadway premiere on Thursday.

The Olivier Award winning play is a re-imagining of events the night before civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. was assasinated.

CNN's Soledad O'Brien interviewed the play's up-and-coming playright, 30-year-old Katori Hall at the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, Tennessee, in the very room that Martin Luther King, Jr. stayed the day before his assassination.